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How do I join the Carroll County Young Marines (CCYM)?

Parents can start by emailing the unit adjutant at lucy_ambs@hotmail.com to request more information and/or to let us know you will be attending the recruit/parent orientation. All parents must attend this meeting before their Young Marine can join. This is a mandatory class.

Is there yelling?

Yes initially there is yelling but then it tapers down as the weeks go by and everyone starts to become one team.

Can I miss any days in Recruit Training?

Since the Academics in Recruit training are stringent you are allowed to miss only (2) excused absences from Recruit Training if you miss more than (2) days you may be recycled to the next Recruit Class.

What can I do to prepare for the Recruit training?

You can start by losing weight if you are overweight (Please see a doctor for a good healthy diet change), Stay Healthy, run, do pushups and prepare your mind "you can do this".

What should my parents know?

They should ensure all Medical documents are prepared and ready. They should be ready to hear that you hate it but, reassure you that it will be ok (keep taking you to recruit training). Have Emergency contacts. Mark down on the Calendar when the meetings are. You must remember that once Recruit training is over it is all fun and adventure after that... But you have to learn first!

Do I have to study?

Oh Yes!! We have a difficult Academic schedule and you will learn a lot you will listen and take notes in your Recruit Training notebook. You will do just fine. The CCYM Staff and Young Marines are there to help you succeed!

Can I get promoted in Recruit Training?

Not in Recruit Training but the Commanding Officer does have the authority to promote Meritoriously at the time of graduation.

Can I be the Guide or Squad Leader?

Yes, Some recruits may lose the same job 2 or 3 times. But they keep trying! These are hard and demanding jobs once you get it you want to try and keep it if you lose it don't get upset just try and get the job back.

How can I be a Guide or Squad Leader?

You are hand picked by the Senior Drill Instructor for these positions, once you have them you must maintain a high level of bearing, motivation and leadership. If you get fired try and get the job back don't take it personally don't quit Recruit Training. You must be organized and have the ability to get up in front of others and take charge, be academically above your squad, maintain a high PFT and be able to follow orders. Above all you must want to learn and maintain a "C" average or higher in your local school as well.

Is Recruit Training hard?

Yes, it is a challenge Physically, Mentally and Academically. But, when you are done, it is all worth it.

What time and where do we meet and how long is the training?

Recruit Training is every Monday, from 1830 (6:30 pm) - 2030 (8:30 pm) at the Carroll County Ag Center, Westminster, MD. There will be two overnights during the Recruit Training. This overnight encampment is mandatory to graduate recruit training.

Do we get to do a lot of fun things?

Yes. We are expanding our travels are planning some fun events. Some of them you will be doing in Recruit Training. During the warmert months, we make available Marksmanship training at a local shooting range with NRA certified trainers. We team up with other units for encampments and other fun activities. During the summer, we will try to take a trip to the Marine Corps Museum at Quantico and tour Arlington Cemetery in Washington, DC. We are a very busy unit and you can join in on any Adventure you like the only thing the Commanding Officer asks is that you show up to Drill's,Community Service and Fundraiser's. If you fail to show up he may not take you on a Deployment or Encampment.

For More information on our recruit training please email the unit Adjutant Mrs. Ambs at: lucy_ambs@hotmail.com

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Thanks to the Temecula Valley Young Marine Website for these great questions and answers.

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